Steve Simmons - Camera Operator and Vintage Automobile Enthusiast.

Optimist: An entire web site in 2kb of data.
Realist: Worst... web site... ever.

Current and Recent Television Projects (Show / Director)

The Voice / Alan Carter (Steadicam)
Chelsea / Rik Reinholdtsen (Techno-Jib)
Jeopardy / Kevin McCarthy (Steadicam, Jib)
Wheel of Fortune / Bob Ennis (Steadicam, Jib, Remote Head)
Lip Sync Battle (Techno Jib)
Master Chef / Brian Smith (Techno-Jib)
The Talk / Joseph Carolei (Jib)
Hollywood Game Night / Ivan Dudynsky (Techno-Jib)
Audience Music / various (Jib)
Various Music Concerts / various (Jib)
Halloween Baking Championship / Eytan Keller (Jib)
Christmas Cookie Challenge / Eytan Keller (Jib)
Clash of the Grandmas / Eytan Keller (Jib)
Mercedes / Greek Commercial

A few of my previous projects...

The X-Factor
Iron Chef
The Next Iron Chef
The Taste
Always Sunny in Philadelphia
America's Got Talent
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Entertainment Tonight
Soundcheck Music (various artists)
Fuller House
The Late Late Show
The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
The Biggest Loser
Food Network Star
America's Next Great Restaurant
Dr. Phil
VH1 Big Morning Buzz
General Hospital
Kentucky Derby
World Poker Tour
America's Funniest Home Videos
Lopez Tonight
Numerous Concert Series

A few notable shows and publications featuring my vehicles:

Masters of Sex (Showtime, 4 Seasons, lead character vehicle)
LUX Commercial starring Scarlett Johansson (Primary vehicle)
Agent Carter (ABC)
Better Things (FX, Primary vehicle)
Winter Silks Fashion Catalog
The White Rabbit Project (Netflix)
Revenge (ABC)
Good Girls Revolt (Amazon Prime)
Samsung Commercial

Enquire for pricing and availability of classic vehicles ranging from 1925 through 1969.

End of line.